Jawatan Kosong Swasta 2014 Taylor’s College Training Counsellor (Northern Location)

Taylor’s College Training Counsellor (Northern Location)

Taylor’s College a member of the Taylor’s Training Team, is 1 of Malaysia’s most successful and reputable personal education institutions of greater understanding that prides by itself in the supply of a holistic training that effects not just in exceptional educational achievements but also in graduates with qualities that are very sought immediately after in the world-wide market. Taylor’s University is seeking men and women who are hunting for an chance to glow.

Jawatan Kosong Swasta 2014 Instruction Counsellor (Northern Region)

Tasks :

The Schooling Counsellor at the regional business office is dependable for different advertising and marketing activities to market programmes supplied by Taylor’s College & School, via organizing and applying successful and successful promoting methods. He /She is responsible for all promoting routines in the places/locations assigned. He /She is also accountable for offering details for the reason of enrolment to enquiring learners and their mother and father on the programmes presented by the University & College.

He /She is also dependable for the working day to day administration of the business office which includes administration of the petty cash, place of work utilities and all other issues pertaining to this sort of.

The obligations contain but are not confined to:

Dependable for setting up and applying advertising of periodical road reveals by the University & University to the regions in demand, by using banners/flyers/mailers etc
Dependable for making certain that the functions rooms and all physical established up of the highway shows venue is in good doing work buy, for the cities the place the regional business office is based mostly
Any other responsibilities which may possibly be assigned by the Management from time to time.

Iklan Jawatan Kosong 2014

Needs :

Diploma in Counseling / Social Science / Psychology / Promoting / Organization or relevant self-control
At least two (two) years of working knowledge, ideally in an instructional establishment with involvement in counseling, advertising and marketing and promotions
Practical experience in front-line buyer provider
Capacity to interact with college students, parents and staff with tact and sensitivity
Capacity to adapt to improvements in function tasks and atmosphere
Potential to get the job done in a staff as properly as independently
Excellent normal know-how of the related procedures and methods
Prepared to travel, the two outstation and abroad
Eager to function past typical performing hrs.

Successful candidates can anticipate an attractive remuneration package (which includes eye-catching fringe rewards such as instruction subsidy, desire-absolutely free education financial loan, price cut for children’s education and learning) furthermore a conducive performing surroundings.

Fascinated candidates are invited to mail in a detailed resume, get hold of telephone range, a passport measurement photo, current and envisioned salary, names, address, fax and electronic mail contacts of at least 2 referees by 13 August 2014 to the email or put up to the tackle below:-

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